No Women, No Nightlife

...or Why Every Night Is Ladies Night
By Gamal Hennessy

A couple of weeks ago, a New York judge threw out the anti-ladies night lawsuit of attorney Roy Den Hollander. In theory, the suit was brought on behalf of all men over the age of 21 who went to a club on a ladies night. Hollander claimed that the practice of ladies night unfairly forced men to financially subsidize women’s partying. The judge decided that since private clubs can set any price or practice they want for entry, the suit was frivolous. While throwing out the case is the only thing that makes sense, the ruling fails to articulate the basic connection between women and nightlife.
You can come to the conclusion that Hollander is a petty, conniving, opportunistic leech looking for someone to sue. You might also come to the conclusion that he is a misogynist (Hollander’s other current suit is against a university’s woman studies program for discrimination). I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this guy is single. But the most obvious conclusion that you can draw from this story is that Hollander has no experience in nightlife.

If you know anything about nightlife living, you can ignore the fact that women have been disadvantaged politically, economically, socially and legally since before the Bible. You can ignore the fact that the money that women are pressured to spend on hair, make up, clothing, shoes and various pseudo artificial parts before they even step into the club dwarfs whatever they save on ladies night. But if you know nightlife, the one thing you can’t deny is that entire industry and culture revolves around women.

The attempt to attract and appeal to women is basic to almost every aspect of the nightlife experience. The lyrics in the music are for them or about them. The dance floor is put there to entice them to gyrate. All the fancy cocktails and impressive interior designs are created to appeal to their senses. Men don’t care about any of those things. Men care about women.

Nightlife needs women because where women go, men and money follow. Men clean themselves up, get dressed, go out, and buy bottles to meet, or at least hoping to meet, women. When I was learning to DJ, other DJ’s told me that I wasn’t really playing for the crowd. I was playing for the five or six girls who would jump on the dance floor, draw other women to join them and create a party through a ripple effect. Unless you’re in a gay club, you need to understand that women are the superior sex in nightlife. Men will go wherever they go.

And if you’ve ever seen straight girls hanging out in a gay club, you know they get treated like gold there too.

Ladies night is nothing more than the recognition by a club that women are the engine that makes the machine work. A bar without women is a dive bar, a sports bar, a cigar bar or closed. Give women free admission and lower drink prices and your bar becomes something more. It becomes a place where men and women want to go. Hollander claims he brought his suit on behalf of all men over the age of 21. What he won’t admit is that we wouldn’t change a thing.

Have fun.