Prince of the City 5: Too Many Lawyers?

by Gamal Hennessy

When you’re a lawyer, and you spend all day with lawyers, and you divorced a lawyer, meeting more lawyers at a bar is not on the top of your to do list. But it’s hard to avoid them in New York. They’re like Starbucks. You can find one any where you look.

N invited me to the Inn, a new spot in the Meatpacking District that trying not to be a Meatpacking District spot. I wasn’t there more than five minutes before he introduced me to some attorney he met smoking in front of the bar. She was wasted, lost and leaving with a guy I pegged as a B&T implant, so thankfully there was no conversation. I was OK with that. I generally dislike people in my profession.

We were at the Inn for an hour of talking business, and sizing up the female population of the bar, which was mostly aspiring models and established cougars. I don’t know how many of the cougars were lawyers, but they were definitely forward and self-assured. That in and of itself isn’t a problem. It’s actually a nice change of pace. We probably would have stayed, but we had another party to hit.

Sugar Bar is one of those Tribeca spots that you won’t miss if you’re looking for it. Even though the cab practically left us in front of the place, and N had a GPS, and I went to law school a couple of blocks away, it still took us 15 minutes to find it. Being tipsy probably had a lot to do with that.

When we finally did find the bar, wondered through the empty first floor and stumbled on the party in the basement, it was time for more drinks. But before we could do that, we had to say hello to the birthday girl. She wasn’t a lawyer, but she was a law student. Law students are easier to talk to because they haven’t been corrupted by the Dark Side. She was cute, friendly and she could dance. Based on all those positive qualities I decided to like her in spite of the whole law school thing.

At 2 AM it was time to go home. I stood on the platform at Canal Street avoiding the construction workers and confining myself to the late night passenger waiting area. There were two girls laughing on the platform near me. They were joking about contract law. Contract law isn’t actually a funny subject unless you’re in law school, which they obviously were.

I decided at that point it was useless to try to avoid lawyers in New York City. Then I laughed at their joke.

Have fun.