The Best Jobs for Dating in 2009

By Gamal Hennessy

In certain circles, the job you have has a direct effect on how successful you will be at dating. Certain jobs are seen as more attractive than others and the people who have those jobs can parlay that into success with potential suitors. The New York Times recently published an article about which professions are more desirable now that finance careers are on the rocks and college students are no longer banking on a Wall Street job. The real question for us is which professions will make it easier for you to get a date?

There are some professions that are highly coveted in nightlife; being a celebrity, athlete, or musician never goes out of style. Lawyers and doctors are pretty safe bets, but they don’t go out much because they are usually stuck at work. That’s not helpful for our purposes. The stocks of other professions rise and fall with the changing times. Internet moguls had a few good years, then their bubble burst. Finance guys dominated bottle service, but now their industry is taking a pounding. For some, it’s time to look for a new power job.

Of course, the New York woman is looking for more than a guy with a specific job. It helps a lot when you actually have a personality too. But if your profession is a tool in your dating arsenal, here are some ideas on which ones will give you the highest value relative to other potential guys. (I refer to guys here because our culture judges women largely on factors that have little to do with their job.) I’m not an expert by any means and my list isn’t scientific by any stretch of the imagination. It’s based on nothing more than my own observation and experience. It just seems to me that there are certain jobs that have a dating upside, even in these uncertain times.

Advertising, Marketing and PR: While these corporate mouthpiece jobs often don’t translate into big paychecks, they do have perks that are highly recession proof. They have access to promotions, events and ‘meetings’ that are usually overflowing with free liquor in exclusive venues on any given night. Add that to their regular brushes with celebrity and the illusion of media exposure and a savvy guy can create an exciting and dynamic spectacle to draw people in.

Creative: The one similarity between a starving banker and a starving artists is that neither of them have a lot of cash. The one difference is that being an artist implies a certain amount of passion which is attractive in its own right. You can be a photographer, painter, or whatever else you want as long as you can express yourself and make it interesting. You might be dramatic and insane too, but at least you’ll be interesting.

Entertainment: While the guy in front of the camera has an obvious advantage, there are benefits to being the producer, engineer or (again) photographer. You can combine the celebrity access with the creativity in a way that taps into peoples fantasies about being celebrities themselves. There are quite a few aspiring models, singers, dancers in the clubs that are drawn to people who might be able to help them blow up.

Hustlers: If you’re still on the grind and working to make it big in spite of the hard times, you display a resilience that increases your survival value. The theory is that people are more drawn to people who are active than those who are waiting around for the market to pick up. So if you’ve got big plans and you’re actually doing something about it instead of just talking or sitting on your ass, you’ll benefit your business and personal life.

Survivors: If you happen to be one of the many investment bankers, hedge fund managers, or real estate developers who still has a job and is picking up the pieces of your fallen competitors, congratulations. Your competition both in business and pleasure has been cut down considerably. You might not have time to go on a date while you’re raiding the carcasses of your enemies, and there might be a little more oversight on those bottles you charge to your expense account, but that is a small price to pay for retaining your position, right?

In the end the job you have is only a small piece of the social interaction puzzle. Your style, personality, wit, and charm are much more powerful dating tools and if you have those you might not need to have a job at all. Things get better when you add a socially attractive job into the overall package, but don’t let it be a crutch. The girl who is dating you just because of your job might not be worth dating in the first place.

Have fun.