14 Tips for a Good Club Night

By Gamal Hennessy

The article I published last week with
tips for ladies to keep themselves safe in clubs got a lot of positive feedback. This week I’m going to be more inclusive and less ominous. I’m offering 14 tips to increase your pleasure and decrease your hassles no matter what type of bar, club or lounge you plan to visit.

Every social situation has a set of guidelines to help things run smoothly. The dinner table, the classroom, the office and the locker room each has its own customs to keep people from throwing food, throwing a tantrum or crossing swords.

People who know the rules often get ahead, even if they don’t always follow them. People who don’t know the rules often suffer. The nightclub is no different than any other social environment. There is a certain way to do things. Common sense will make most of these rules obvious, but fanatics have proven that common sense isn’t that common, so I’ve developed a few tips to help people along.

Before you hit the club, it pays to be prepared

1. Decide where you’re going and have a couple of back up options. Going online and doing a little research will help a lot.

Find out how you need to dress to get in and respond accordingly. You don’t want to be turned away because of your clothing. You can figure this out from online reviews, word of mouth, or just looking on the venues website.
3. Figure out how you’re getting in whether it’s reservations, personal connections, using a promoter, standing in line or just walking in. Do not stand in line unless it is a short wait and you can stay relatively warm and dry. Nightlife does not have to lead to pneumonia.

4. Don’t travel with people who are going to sabotage your fun. That means leave the fanatics at home unless you plan to take responsibility for them.

5. Decide if you’re buying bottle service (and who is paying for it) before you get there. Standing at the door, in the cold, with a promoter in your face and a girl standing next to you that you’re trying to impress might not be the time to make a $1,000 decision.

6. Be realistic about how much money you’re spending. If you go to a high end spot on a Saturday night and order 10 shots of premium tequila to ‘get the party started’ you can easily spend $100. If you do this 4 times…you get the idea. It is pointless to throw a drunken tantrum when your bill comes at the end of the night. I’m not suggesting that you don’t drink when you go out. I’m just saying that if you know you’re going to spend that much, accept it in the beginning of the night and stop worrying about it.

7. When you get there be nice to the bouncer whether you are on the list, ordered bottle service or just standing on line. Giving them a hard time won’t get you in faster. It might prevent you from getting in at all.

Once you’re inside the main goal is having fun.

8. You can have a good time without giving the club staff a hard time. You can be cordial (or at least diplomatic) to them even if they don’t return the favor. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

9. Unless your express goal is
getting a hangover, it is always wise to drink and do something else while you’re there (dance, flirt, eat, talk, whatever).
10. The key to meeting people is helping them feel good about themselves while you’re around, not using them to help you feel better about yourself. This doesn’t apply just to your romantic interests. The people who bump into you on the dance floor, or stand next to you at a concert are not your enemies or your targets. They want to have a good time just like you do.

11. You don’t have to get drunk just because you drink.

When its time to go make sure things end well

12. If you can catch the attention of the staff that served you without getting in the way, thank them on the way out. They don’t get much of that and some of them will remember you if you come back. This can lead to a better time the next time.

13. If you leave with your people, make sure everyone gets to their chosen transportation. For guys, this means putting ladies in cabs before you jump into one (unless they are going home with you). Nightlife is a relatively safe environment, but even one Imette St. Gullien is too much, especially if it’s your friend.

14. Before you pass out on the short road to hangover (assuming you ignored concepts 8 and 10), try to make sure your people actually got home. Again, New York is safer than it has been in decades, but it shows you care. You don’t have to have a conversation. Just ask them for a quick ‘I’m alive’ text when they get in the door.

None of these ideas are designed to kill your mood or discourage you from clubbing. They are designed to make a good night better. If you give a little thought to your night out in the beginning, you’ll be in good shape to go out again on the following night.

Have fun.