The Recession and the House Party Police

By Gamal Hennessy

Everyone is finding ways to deal with the recession. Time Magazine is reporting that Americans are drinking more at home instead of bars. Instead of having the pre-game at home, they just make it a home game. There are several benefits to this practice. No travel time, no cover, cheaper drinks, no hassle at the door, your DJ will take requests and you know where the bathroom is. With a few Twitter feeds and FB status updates, the next big party could be at your house. The house party might be making a comeback across the country, but it might not be the best option for New Yorkers.

New York house parties come with a host of potential problems. Your place is probably too small or too far away to gather all the people you want to party with. You might not be completely comfortable with everyone knowing where you live. You probably don’t have security, bartenders or barbacks. Any amateur or fanatic behavior could cause permanent damage to your apartment, furniture or plumbing. You might have a hard time getting people to leave (Unless you ask them to help you clean up. That will make them vanish). And to top it all off, you might have to deal with the House Party Police.

According to the Daily News, at least one New York City Police precinct has a dedicated unit of officers assigned to break up house parties. In the wake of several deadly shootings at house parties earlier this year, units like this could pop up in your neighborhood very soon.

Hanging out at your place with a few friends for drinks is a smart way to deal with this economy. Using cheaper liquor and Twitter to try and recreate your favorite lounge or club in your apartment or backyard might be a little too much. It only takes a couple of 311 calls from your NIMBY neighbor to put you on the radar. That is not the recipe for a good time.

Have fun.