My Top 13 Songs for Halloween

These songs have captured the energy and menace of Halloween for me over the years. Most of them aren’t pop hits and some of them are pretty old, but this is a very good list to listen to while you’re getting ready to go out or drinking in a dark room tonight. The nightmares should be very interesting indeed.

Have fun.


1. Love Song for a Vampire: Annie Lennox

2. Moon over Bourbon Street: Sting

3. King of Pain: The Police

4. Black on Black: Dalbello

5. Cry Little Sister: Sisters of Mercy

6. Closer: Nine Inch Nails

7. Close Your Eyes: Lita Ford

8. Total Eclipse of the Heart: Bonnie Tyler

9. The City Never Sleeps: The Eurythmics

10. Six Days: DJ Shadow

11. Bring Me to Live: Evanescence

12. Put Your Lights On: Santana

13. Wrapped Around Your Fingers: The Police