Nightlife Culture Review: Flute Grammercy

Flute is a solid component to New York cocktail culture.

One of the best parts of the venue is the way they seat people. This might sound stupid, but it makes a difference. The host sits all the large groups and singles upstairs in the main room and gather all the couples down in the basement. This saves the party crowd from having to suffer through PDA that doesn't include them and lets the couples fawn over each other in peace. I wish more places did that.

The cocktails are quite good as well. Like many cocktail lounges now, Flute focuses on a specific liquor in most of their drinks. In this case champange is the common theme. We tried a few drinks and each one was quite good. The service is good. The dim room and comfortable furniture are good for enjoying crafted cocktails. The music is a random hot mess of an iPod shuffle, but no one is perfect.

If you like cocktails you will like Flute, whether you are in a group or a couple.

Have fun.