Nightlife Icon Danny Tenaglia Steps Away from the DJ Booth

Legendary DJ Danny Tenaglia wrote his fans a long resignation letter  on his Facebook wall earlier this week. The DJ who has played at the Winter Music Conference 26 years in a row and performed sets in Ibiza every year since 2000 is now looking to stop grueling schedule that has taken him around the world for the better part of three decades.

From the time Tenaglia started going to spots like Paradise Garage in 1979 until this week, he has been responsible for dozens of albums, hundreds of remixes and thousands of performances. His name is mentioned in the same breath as iconic DJs like Tiesto and Little Louie Vega. They were superstar DJ’s before everyone with an iPad could claim to be a DJ. He helped raise the act of driving a party through music to an art form.

Danny outlined much of his longevity and work in the letter to his fans, but house heads don’t need to be told what he has done for house music and nightlife culture. After his final party at Pacha on April 28th, we can only hope that one of his fans is inspired by his work to create new music and leave their own mark on New York nightlife.

If you have any memories of music or performances from Danny’s long career, please feel free to share them with us.

Have fun.