The House DJ as a Marathon Man

New EDM magazine Elektro and the New York Post ran a story today on A-List DJ Tiesto . This man regularly plays sets that run 14-18 hours at a time in places like Berlin, Ibiza and of course New York. When asked how he can maintain this epic pace, he credited exercise, diet and vitamins.

Tiesto isn’t the only DJ who has the stamina to spin all day and all night. I’ve been to Danny Tenaglia shows that were very similar. I went to the party, hung out for a few hours, went home slept, got up, got breakfast and went back to the club. Danny was still there. It was surreal, especially when you consider the fact that there were several hundred people in the club who never left. I love house and I love dancing, but I have never had that kind of stamina even when I was a much younger man. As a DJ in New York I never performed longer than 6 hours. Guys like Tiesto are just getting warmed up.

Is exercise and vitamins the only thing that keeps Tiesto going? Maybe…maybe not. I’m sure the estimated twenty million dollars he makes per year doesn’t hurt his motivation. Are his hundreds of followers able to keep up with him purely from their love of house music? Maybe…maybe not. One thing is certain. The popularity and dedication that fans have for a DJ like Tiesto isn’t part of the EDM fad currently dominating pop music. This movement in nightlife culture is long, strong and won’t be dying down any time soon.

Have fun.